Working Your CRM For More Deals in 2021

Know how to use your CRM for the best possible outcome in the upcoming year.

How to Work Your CRM for More Deals in 2021

Here are some of the main discussion points in this webinar -

  • Building a database is the most significant investment while choosing the right CRM for your business. What are the factors that should drive the consumers while choosing a CRM and the processes involved?
  • The real estate industry is people-oriented. CRMs can efficiently function if the agents and team members proactively communicate.
  • What are the top 3 things that teams who are just starting or scaling up can quickly implement?
  • While CRMs are prevalent in most businesses, there are significant differences between general CRM and a CRM for Real Estate Businesses. CRMs aid the business. Overreliance on technology can be a mistake. It is important to keep your team members involved; business is all about people.
  • Covid-19 has driven people to use more technology. At the same time, the teams who had systems set up and the right people in the company thrived despite the pandemic.
  • Team leaders play a major role in ensuring productive use of the CRM that ultimately becomes an inseparable part of their business and their team.
  • It is important to give users a great experience. The better their experience, the better their advocacy.

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