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How To Create A Winning Mindset To Grow Your Business

Understand how leaders use culture and communication to foster a growth mindset within their teams

Auctm Updated: 1 min read

Here are some of the main discussion points in this webinar-

  • What is a ‘Growth mindset’ and what does it mean to have one.
  • A lot of agents get stuck at the lower-level because they are too focused on tactical details. To grow you need to work on yourself, work in your business, and work on your business.
  • Growth may not translate into immediate expansion of our business, since it’s important to first see things from a new perspective and develop a grand vision.
  • Leadership can be developed through training and one can grow into it over time. Simply put, have a big goal, train continuously, and develop yourself through obstacles and hurdles.
  • Difference between growing and winning and why it’s important to keep growing even if you don’t have too many wins.
  • It’s important to sit down and set goals with your agents. Value your team and keep them accountable by using the right systems.
  • Communicate openly and strive to set goals that resonate with your agents. By understanding their perspective and asking the right questions, you can unlock the secret to sustained internal growth and retention.
  • Great leaders know how to align their team’s mindset with their own. They focus on culture and communication to drive growth and improve team performance.
  • There are no unrealistic goals in business. With the right data, optimized systems, and effective coaching, one can shoot higher than ever before.
  • A system like Auctm is a game changer when it comes to measuring agent accountability and tracking progress on goals.