New Feature Alert! Stay On Top Of Deals & Follow-Ups

Our latest version comes with power-packed new features that you better manage the various moving pieces in your business.  Track information on deals, add custom notes for agents prior to and during 1-1s as well as help your agents' follow up with prioritized leads.

Here’s what’s new -

Deals Inspector

Deals Inspector of Auctm
Auctm Dashboard: Deals Inspector
  • Deals Inspector is a new dashboard on the navigation bar which helps you explore more information about each deal from the set of Pending/Closed deals as shown on the Auctm dashboard
  • Pending and closed deals numbers- clickable in deals report, troubleshoot pane & efforts and deals table
  • Source of truth for deals- No longer depend on FUB to check data behind numbers

Clicking the link of the lead present on the deals inspector dashboard will take you to  the particular lead page on your CRM in a new tab.

Notes Section

Auctm's Note section to maintain notes
Notes section in Auctm's dashboard
  • Now you can conduct effective 1-1s and carry the context forward from each meeting.
  • Team leads and coaches can use this feature to maintain notes (talking points, action items, etc.) before and during 1:1 sessions to track and improve agent performance.
  • The notes page comes with a default template to help you organize information in a structured manner.

Lead Management

Lead Management Dashboard
  • If you nudge an agent through the Lead Management dashboard, Auctm will now send a note to your Agent on their CRM account instead of sending a notification to them on the mobile app,  making the whole process more efficient.
  • Auctm will soon introduce an AI-powered Lead Scoring Model on its Lead Management dashboard. The goal is to improve your pipeline and increase chances of closings, as well as save time and effort of your agents by enabling them to focus on the highest priority leads first.
Lead scoring model

How Does Smart Prioritization Work?

  1. Auctm’s Smart Prioritization improves your pipeline and follow-ups by helping agents focus on leads that have a higher chance of connecting and closing.
  2. Our AI-powered system looks for patterns across 300+ factors of leads that are displaying similar behaviors to leads that have closed already.
  3. The priority scores help you focus on a fewer number of leads that are likely to have a higher impact.
  4. You and your agents save time and effort by prioritizing follow-ups and chasing the highest priority opportunities.
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