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Uplift 2020- Roundup of Sessions

13 Industry experts came together for a riveting 3-day Annual Real Estate Summit organized by Auctm in December 2020.

Auctm Updated: 3 min read

Uplift 2020 was organized by Auctm for real estate professionals eager to learn from the industry experts and transform their business. Following the theme “Gold Rush - The Right Way Forward In 2021” the sessions were brimming with some of the best practices followed by top leaders in the industry. As each session looked back at the troughs and crests of conducting business in the year of Covid-19, it also led to some remarkable insights, secrets of the top-performing real estate teams, making the best use of CRMs, and tips on driving growth in the upcoming year.

Here is a list of sessions that were conducted. You can click on the links to get a round-up of the session and watch the videos.

Creating A Predictable Lead Conversion System
Learn about how having a great team structure combined with the right system help you improve conversions.

Robert Slack, Founder & CEO- Robert Slack Team
Dan Walters, Partner & COO- Robert Slack Team

Click here to watch the session.

Building A Profitable & Scalable Team In Just 12 Days
Understand the best practices for scaling a team from an industry leader who is one of the most prolific coaches in Real Estate.

Michael Hellickson, CEO ClubWealth

Click here to watch the session.

How to Work Your CRM For More Deals in 2021
Expert advice on how team leaders can ensure that their team utilizes the CRM to the best of their ability.

Dan Corkill, Co-Founder FollowUpBoss

Click here to watch the session.

Closing More Deals With Better Agent Accountability Systems
The man behind one of the top performing Real Estate Teams shares his insights on how accountability is linked to motivation, training, and coaching.

Justin Sheppard, Co-Founder, The Agency Texas

Click here to watch the session.

Create A Winning Mindset To Grow Your Business.
Understand how industry leaders use culture and communication to foster a growth mindset within their teams.

Allison Gaddy, Co-Founder & Realtor- Experts Realty Group
Don Hobbs, Founder & CEO- Don Hobbs Coaching

Click here to watch the session.

How To Recruit, Onboard & Retain Agents To Grow Your Business

Shana Gates share her experiences on educating and building teams by training and developing agents.

Shana Gates, Senior Partner- Craft & Bauer Real Estate

Click here to watch the session.

How To Build And Scale A Team Effectively
A member of the Zillow Agent Advisory Board and widely regarded speaker and coach, Veronica Figueroa shares the best practices to follow in order to grow a Real Estate team.

Veronica Figueroa, CEO and Team Lead- The Figueroa Team

Click here to watch the session.

Learn About What Makes Top Performing Teams Different

Emily Smith and Jenny Wemert spill the beans on how to foster an accountable and success-oriented culture in a team.

Emily Smith, COO- Wemert Group Realty
Jenny Wemert, Team Leader- Wemert Group Realty

Click here to watch the session.

Cracking The Consumer Code: The Data Driving Success in 2021
Get an overview of the consumer trends that will drive the Real Estate market in the upcoming year so that you can leverage your systems for maximum growth.

Shannon Williams, VP of Sales and Marketing- BoomTown

Click here to watch the session.

Pearls of Wisdom from our Speakers

"Effective means we get the job done, efficient means we get the job done quickly, and the latter is what we need." - Michael Hellickson

"You may think you can set up a whole system on your computer, run a business and you never have to talk to people. But, business is all about people. You need to be out there, talk to more and new people. One tool is not going to change your business." - Dan Corkill

"At the end of the day we are in the people’s business, it is about the team and not just the buyer or seller agent." -Justin Sheppard

Uplift 2020 witnessed these industry stalwarts as speakers with over 1000+ attendees. The Annual Real Estate Summit ended the year on a high note for those who joined to learn from the top industry experts. With top-class data visualizations during the sessions by Team Auctm, and the speakers doling out their best practices in friendly banter, Uplift 2020 is a must-watch if you haven't already.

Uplift - The Annual Real Estate Summit organized by Auctm is one of the most awaited events for real estate professionals. It provides a virtual platform for the attendees to collaborate, connect, learn, and grow in their business.