Save Time With The New Saved Filters Feature On The Auctm Dashboard

Auctm launches new Saved Filters functionality for the dashboard.

Selecting a combination of filters every time you log in to your Auctm dashboard to check your team performance metrics is a time-consuming task.  

Wouldn’t it be easier to have a customized dashboard with your preferred filters already saved? It would enable you to quickly start your day with the metrics that you want to see or even share with the rest of your team.  

Saved Filters is our new feature that allows you to save a significant chunk of your time every day. How? Let us show you.

There are certain combinations of filters that you check on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

For example, you want to check your agent’s performance on new leads since yesterday, or check the team’s pipeline performance on new vs total leads in the last 7 days, or check the overall deals commission that was generated in the last 30 days.

To check these, you navigate through the sections of your Auctm dashboard and select different combinations of filters every time.

The Saved Filters feature benefits you in 4 ways -

  • You can create a custom dashboard view by selecting the combination of filters you check often and save them.
  • Each saved view can be named according to your preference and you can ‘star’ your favorite views so that they appear directly on the dashboard.
  • You can use this feature for separate sections of the dashboard based on the metrics and the tables that you want to see and share it with the rest of the team.
  • You can also edit each view before you have shared it with the rest of the team.

See How To Save Your Preferred Combination Of Filters

Auctm Launches Saved Filters Feature

Quick Bytes On How To Start Using Saved Filters

Viewing All The Saved Filters

View all saved filters

You can view all your saved filters inside the dropdown box on the top left side of the Performance or the Rule List Dashboard.

Marking Your Favorite Filters

Manage Filters - Auctm Dashboard

You can ‘star’ your favorite filter views for easy access by using the Save Filter dropdown box or the Manage Filters option.

Sharing A Saved Filter With Your Team

Share filters with your team - Auctm Dashboard

Simply switch on the ‘Share With Team’ toggle that appears in the pop-up box after you click on save filter. Remember, you cannot make changes to a filter view that has been shared with your team, you can only delete it.

Updating Or Deleting A Filter

Updating or deleting filters - Auctm Dashboard

The Manage Filters option enables you to update or delete a Saved Filter. You only need to select the filter from the left panel that you wish to update or delete.

Start Saving More Time With Saved Filters

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