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How To Recruit, Onboard & Retain Agents To Grow Your Business

Real Estate is a people business and being successful boils down to having the right team. Learn the importance of having a great interview and onboarding plan.

Auctm Updated: 1 min read

Here are some of the main discussion points in this webinar-

  • Start hiring, as soon as you want to grow your brokerage. You need to have systems in place, as well as a proper interview process before you start recruiting.
  • You don’t always need to hire experienced agents.  If a new agent has drive and effort, then they can become exceptional performers.
  • It’s always preferable to hire full-time agents who are serious about making a career in real estate.
  • During hiring, team leaders need to stop pitching and listen more. It’s crucial to identify what the agent needs and whether it matches what their brokerage offers.
  • Agents like to work in places which offer specialized onboarding, culture, opportunities for growth, regular 1-1s, coaching, and accountability systems.
  • The retention process becomes a lot easier when you handle all agent objections and set clear expectations during the interview and onboarding process.
  • Evaluate the performance of new hires on a quarterly basis. People who are doing the most prospecting will have the most closings. Consistency in the first 60 days will show results in the first 90 days.
  • Real estate is a people business. Success boils down to having the right agent team.
  • Auctm can make this process efficient as one can schedule regular 1-1s with data-driven talking points and identify how agents are performing across various key metrics.
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