Don Weimer on Hiring, Onboarding, And Retention For Real Estate Teams

Hiring, Onboarding, and Retention in real estate teams is crucial but challenging for most teams. Robert Slack LLC, the No. 1 team-owned brokerage nationally and in Florida, does this on an unimaginably large scale. But with it comes a lot of data, management, and planning.

In its fourth Real Estate MasterClass, Auctm collaborated with Don Weimer (VP of Technology & Analytics, Robert Slack LLC).

Don has years of combined experience in leadership, technology and operations, training, motivational speaking, analytics, and customer/ employee satisfaction. In this MasterClass, he shares some deep insights on the what, why, and how to discuss the best practices and inspire other teams to plan and chalk out strategies that work for their team.

We have compiled some key takeaways from this MasterClass for you and your real estate team.

Hiring Strategies

  • Being successful in the real estate business boils down to having the right team. One of the most high-leverage activities to build a top-performing team is to hire right.
  • Keep an eye on what is working and what is not for your team and then take the call on scaling.
  • Know your goals. Keep track of and support your goals, and once you have saturated the market or have a certain amount of lead volume - you can consider moving on to another market or hiring more agents.
  • Hire to give more support to your agents to help them do their best.
  • To hire right it is essential to have a solid training plan. If you want to scale, it is important to know how to train new agents.

Onboarding Practices

  • Team culture is important during onboarding. Every team is not alike.
  • Time is money, so automate as many processes as possible. Focus on having a mentorship program in place.
  • Continual coaching and training sessions are critical to making sure that your agents are understanding and managing the tech that your team uses.
  • Set out expectations from your newly onboarded agents and clear timelines right from the beginning.

Retention Plan

  • If you have hired right, there is always a greater probability of retaining your agents. To ensure better retention, focus on the first step - hiring is crucial.
  • Align your agent's personal goals with the team’s long-term goals. Focus on this right at the beginning during the interview process so you can manage this later with regular check-ins and agent 1-1s.
  • Agents have to be constantly ready to evolve and adapt to new processes and technology. If your agents are not evolving with the organization, then that is a definite red flag that needs attention.
  • Maintain consistency in hiring, reinforcement, expectations, and training new agents.

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