Is Your Data Telling A Story: An Interview With Chase Greene

Chase Greene is the Success Coach of one of the top real estate teams, The Figueroa Team. With over four years of experience, Chase continues to build his foundation of a long list of loyal clients and professional connections, specializing in marketing and residential real estate. He uses Auctm’s analytics to provide personalized coaching and boost agent performance.

In this interview, Chase opens up about the struggles of new real estate agents on the team, his role as a Success Coach, and how Auctm helps them with his core responsibilities.

What do new agents struggle with the most when they join the team? How do you help them as a Success Coach?

The biggest issue is structure. Once they get into real estate, they’re a business owner and have no idea how to leverage their time well. Being a success coach,  I help them speed up the learning process to make sure that when they’re ready to fly, they have all the tools they need.  

Are there any metrics you track right from the start to chart the growth of the agents in your real estate team? How comfortable is everyone in the team with technology?

I would say we look at their database consistently. We use the data to look at how they're progressing over time. The deals show you their progression, and when you talk to somebody the first day, rather than the 30th day, you can tell they've got a lot more knowledge under their belt.

For the most part, our team is pretty young. So with that being said, everybody's pretty good with technology. Eric, our VP of Ops, conducts a training session regularly on how to work the database. If there are any questions, we're always here to assist, and it's 2021! There's a YouTube video for pretty much everything!

In your opinion, what aspects of our product, Auctm, do you feel are aligned with your company's mission & strategy?

We always say the proof is in the pudding, and if it didn't happen in the database, you know, it didn't happen in general. And those agents know that. So just having something that we can look at to track data, because we tell these agents that, "Hey, there's 65 of you guys, and we are not with you every day. We don't talk to you every day. So this is our way of kind of getting a bird's eye view of your business."

With that bird's eye view, we're able to look at numbers, and the numbers speak volumes and those volumes are things we can coach on.

What were the major pain points and challenges that you faced before Auctm's analytics?

I would say the data we get from FollowUp Boss, it's good data, but it doesn't tell you a story, right? It just shows me the calls, texts, and so on. I think Auctm is a lot more detailed in the number of calls a person makes on a certain number of leads. It shows us data on how many people they're connecting with. It's system to track that data allows me to coach better because if I look at a bland report, I'm only just getting the numbers. Auctm, on the other hand, breaks down those numbers and shows what they mean to me as a coach.

What is the process that you followed before using our product? To what extent has the analytics altered this process?

For 1-1 meetings, I would really just look at calls, texts, emails, etc. And now, with Auctm, I love the 1-1 reporting where I can get a snapshot. I look at speed to lead, how many leads have you connected with, what are your outbound activities. And it's really, really quick. I can kind of just get all the information I need rather than going through the database and having to search for a while.

The transparency that this product brings is a huge plus. I always say, if you're looking for an excuse, you'll always be able to find one. And when we get a system like Auctm, where it's really, really transparent and hey, these are the numbers as an agent, it's kind of tough for you to hide and find an excuse because the proof is right in front of me.

What was your relationship with data before Auctm? How has the analytics of this product changed your perception of data?

I am not a data junkie at all. I don't know if Auctm has changed this or more, so just my role has changed this. But yes, Auctm has 100% helped with my relationship data simply because it's easier to look at. I don't know how to do an Excel spreadsheet or anything like that. So the fact that I can just pull Auctm up and understand, and it's simplified for someone like me, who isn't used to looking at this and, to be honest, is terrible at math.

So it (Auctm) makes numbers look sexy. It looks simplified. It makes it easier for me as a coach.

As a coach, if you were to choose one aspect of the product that has significantly helped you and your team, what would it be?

Definitely, the one-on-one feature. I love looking at the speed to lead. I love looking at the attempts per lead and connectivity. I love looking at how many leads you have gotten in the last seven days, 30 days, how many of those are you consistently reaching out to via text call email.

Is there any other product that you have explored that offers you similar benefits? In your opinion, what makes Auctm different?

Anytime I'm meeting with somebody, I pull up their FollowUp Boss reporting because that's the database that we use. Auctm explains those numbers a bit more in detail. That's what makes Auctm different with its data storytelling. FollowUp Boss gives me a kind of basis, Auctm provides me data, and this is what the data means and how it affects your agents. And here's some things you can work on, which I love. It kind of just gives you a roadmap.

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