Inman Featured Auctm As The Data-Driven Solution To Empower Broker Teams

From a deep-dive into your business performance to an effective method for lead management, Inman discusses how Auctm's new updates are helping broker teams scale their way to success.

Auctm has been rolling out some exciting updates for broker teams in the past few months. In his rousing Inman review of Auctm, Craige Rowe discusses how it empowers brokers and team leaders to coach, analyze, and plan what’s best for their teams.

Initially launched in 2018 as SquadVoice - a database-focused lead qualifier, it was re-christened as Auctm and turned into a full-fledged data-driven solution for broker teams.

Auctm makes analytics simple for brokers, team leaders, and coaches. It helps teams improve agent performance and accountability, provide better coaching, boost conversions by preventing leads from slipping through cracks, and most importantly - make better decisions faster!

In Craige Rowe’s words -

The “new” Auctm functions as a CRM health enabler, a Fitbit for your business. Using a direct, one-to-one integration, the software uses existing deal and lead data to provide users with comprehensive metrics on business performance.

It easily integrates with your CRM and transaction management tool to give a granular deep-dive into your business and agent performance. Based on data inconsistencies in your CRM and alarming metrics when it comes to performance, Auctm also provides actionable insights to make key decisions for your team.

New feature updates such as the Saved filter functionality allows the user to create customized dashboards to focus on what matters. The lead management dashboard helps teams prevent likely to convert leads from slipping through the cracks.

Some of the well-loved benefits such as - the complete absence of manual data entry, seamless integration and onboarding process, quick set-up by the in-house experts, and product training webinars help you make the best use of the platform.

And this makes Auctm more than just a product.

The age of data as a competitive advantage is here, and Auctm’s newest tools and approach should help you gain it. - Craige Rowe

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