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How To Build And Scale A Team Effectively

Know what drives growth within a real estate team and how to build and scale a profitable team.

Auctm Updated: 1 min read

Here are some of the main discussion points in the webinar-

  • Building a team is about building a community that provides excellence in the industry and helps agents thrive in their career. Hard work is not always scalable. It is essential to show the team the end goal in sight and encourage them to work smarter.
  • Sustainable growth is the most important aspect of building a great team. To achieve this, it is essential to understand the overall vision and harbor a sense of consistency and community.  Agent 1-1 is not for the management but for the agent.
  • The real estate industry is a 100% commission based business. The profitability of it depends on the agents.
  • GCI drives everything. Learning new systems, booking demos, and investing time to understand new and relevant technologies can lead to the discovery of systems and processes that can be effective in scaling profit margins.
  • What is the role and importance of technology in the hiring process? What is the role of team leaders and brokerages to instill a strategic vision in their current staff and recruits?
  • What accountability practices should be adopted to ensure better agent performance and also instill a sense of community within the team?
  • It is the people that build the community. They are the primary drivers of growth followed by systems and processes which aid their development.
  • How does the Figueroa Team coach and onboard their recruits?
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