Habits Of Top Producing Teams

The best teams in the real estate industry focus on the end goal and work together to achieve it. Learn more about the top producing teams.

Learn about what makes top performing teams different.

Here are some of the main discussion points in the webinar -

  • The best teams are built on opportunity, trust, and sustainable culture. They put their clients first and make positivity a work ethic.  If all team members share a feeling of community even without supervision, it reflects good team culture.
  • What are the roadblocks that any team-building process can face? What are the factors that need to be considered during the hiring process?
  • Focus on people and relationships, taking care of the opportunities the business provides them, being problem solvers are some of the habits of top producing agents.
  • The best practices of promoting team values and at the same time focusing on individual values - talking about the culture daily and celebrating together.
  • Agents can be competitive, but agents within a team need to work together and not as competitive individuals. The focus should always be on the end consumer.
  • Filling up spreadsheets take up a significant chunk of the Agent’s role in ensuring accountability. Make them fill their spreadsheets because it allows them to look at the business once every week.
  • Calling the team members as we-mates; the goals and meaning of this word are instilled in people. Ensuring team accountability can provide positive results if the focus is on the problem and not the people.

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