Driving More Conversions With Better Connectivity Rates

Learn about agent connectivity and conversions for leads with Chase Greene, The Success Coach of the Figueroa Team.

Auctm hosted the first-ever Real Estate MasterClass to share the best practices on improving connectivity rates and driving more conversions. The keynote speaker Chase Greene, The Success Coach of one of the top real estate teams, The Figueroa Team, extensively discussed four steps to improve connectivity rate -

  • Increasing your speed to lead
  • Increasing attempts per lead
  • Leveraging technology
  • Understanding the customer completely

The Figueroa Team, with over 60+ agents today, started with only ten people on the team and is growing at a high-speed rate. They sold over 750 homes in 2020 and focused on backend support along with the process of selling to make the year a successful one.

With four years of experience in his bag, Chase talks about how success coaches ensure that agents are supported throughout the year and get what they need to expedite the learning curve.

Here’s a compilation of the key takeaways from the MasterClass to help your drive more conversions with better connectivity rates.

More Connections Are Important

Real estate business is a contact sport. If an agent has a good conversion rate with fewer contacts, they will convert less than somebody with more contacts but an average conversion rate. There needs to be a balance between getting more connections and being efficient in managing them.

How To Get More Connections

50% of internet buyers work with the first agent they speak to. The number one way to get more connections is via speed to lead. It is the most effective method to get more connections and convert more leads. Speed to lead enables agents to focus on the top of the funnel, which is the most crucial step. If an agent gets in touch with their lead within 1-2 mins of it dropping in their lead pool, the agent has a 40% chance of getting a hold on that person in the first chance.

Attempts Per Lead

An average real estate agent only makes two attempts per lead, and over 40% of those people reach out only one time. If agents increase their attempts per lead by 5x, their conversion rate will increase by 9x. To help your agents convert more leads, tools like Auctm give you a 1:1 view of your agent’s speed to lead, connectivity rate, attempts per lead, and other key performance metrics.

Leveraging Technology To Drive More Conversions

Maintaining CRM hygiene is the only way to stay organized and up to date. It can be used to set up tasks and to-do lists to help agents be more organized and productive. Systems like Ylopo help agents follow up with clients and are helpful with archived leads.

The Ideal Agent Persona

The consumer wants to work with someone they know, like, and trust. The agent may not always be the expert, but they must sound like one. It is important that they can put a face to the name. The best way to do this is to send them an introductory video letting them know that they are ready to help them. It is essential to show interest in the client and not in the deal. Building a rapport with clients and connecting can help your agents win more.

The real estate industry is constantly changing, but that is no excuse not to be educated on market trends. You cannot be an expert on everything, but being a wealth of knowledge and staying up to date can go a long way in building more connections and ultimately converting more leads.

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