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Cracking The Consumer Code: The Data Driving Success In 2021

Learn about the consumer trends of the real estate industry to prepare for 2021.

Auctm Updated: 1 min read

Here are some of the main discussion points in the webinar -

  • The consumer behavior patterns will be the same as this year in 2021, given the pent up demand of people. According to relevant stats, exciting listings are up 24%, pendings are up 13%, and sales are up 30%.
  • Consumers are spending a greater time on their mobile phones than on the actual site. Agents should adapt to this digital transformation and have the ability to show virtually.
  • Web presence is not an option or a debate anymore. It is a must-have for every team and brokerages.
  • Covid-19 has acted as a forcing function for Real Estate teams to pick up technology at an accelerated pace.
  • Automation + predictive intelligence + AI concept are the three primary features that one should expect from their software analytics or CRM.
  • Systems are only as good as their users. If you do not build your CRM, work on your leads, and keep updating regularly, the system will become stale and of no use.
  • Technology in 2021 will also focus more on the Agent to help them deliver a better customer experience.