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How to Close More Deals with Better Agent Accountability Systems ?

Learn why it's important to have the best systems to measure agent accountability, and how important it is to have a proper training and coaching plan.

Auctm Updated: 1 min read

Here are some of the main discussion points in this webinar-

  • What are intrinsic and external motivators for an agent, and how do they tie up with accountability.
  • How effective managers combine data metrics with face-to-face meetings to make their team accountable.
  • The importance of providing the best tools, training and coaching to agents. And then following up with them regularly to reinforce the best practices.
  • Success is a combination of effort and outcomes. So while measuring profitability, it’s also necessary to understand the causes behind why certain people are not able to hit their goals and dig down into the root causes.
  • High standards should be set during the training and coaching period so that agents come in with the right expectations.
  • It’s good to have 1-1s with your agents at least monthly in order to discuss market conditions, get a pulse on team morale,  and solve problems together.
  • Why Brokers and managers need to become role models since newer agents look up to them to pick up the tools of the trade.
  • One has to measure everything that leads to a result. Drill down to connectivity via texts, calls, and emails to identify the missed. Follow it up with coaching to improve performance.
  • Auctm is one of the best tools to measure agent accountability as it eliminates the need to go through CRM data and spreadsheets.
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