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Building A Profitable, Scalable Team In 12 Days

Know how to use the absolute essentials to grow your business quickly and effectively.

Auctm Updated: 1 min read

Here are some of the main discussion points in this webinar -

  • It is important to understand the systems of conducting business more than just the industry. Thus, for a team leader, hiring new agents to build a profitable team takes greater precedence over coaching.
  • Coaching will prove to be effective only when the outcome or the response is scalable. What measures should a team take to train recruits, and what method encourages putting the onus of learning on the student?
  • CRM, phone, and listings are absolute essentials to pull the business out of tier 1, while tier 2 is a more focused approach on leadership and new hiring.
  • 2 things that affect the growth of your business - focusing too much on competition, and losing productivity by not focusing on what matters for your business.
  • The most common mistake many companies make is hiring a VP of sales from outside the company. It is important to hire somebody who will earn respect based on their previous work within the company.
  • To achieve success in this industry, prioritize what is important in your life and structure your business and working patterns around it.
  • Taking time off is crucial for you and beneficial for your business. Burnout can be detrimental to your business and hamper your performance.
  • Real estate business is a service-oriented industry, and the teams must serve the customer before they become one.