Bernie Gallerani On Steps To Boost Agent Productivity

In its third MasterClass, Auctm collaborated with Bernie Gallerani to share some of the most vital steps that real estate teams can adopt to boost agent productivity.

Bernie is the broker at The Bernie Gallerani Team. With access to top listings, a worldwide network, exceptional marketing strategies, and cutting-edge technology, Bernie is dedicated to helping his clients find the home of their dreams. He has over 15 years of experience as a realtor and has ranked among the top 100 RE/MAX agents in the USA.

In 2020, his team sold 700 homes. His agents sell an average of 35 to 40 homes each, every year.

In this enriching session, Bernie deep-dived into increasing agent productivity by hitting the basics. He shared some of the best practices to help brokers grow their business and team leaders and coaches make a better team.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the MasterClass to help you boost agent productivity in your team.

Getting The Basics Right

It is important to have a team of productive agents, but it is even more crucial to set standards and expectations for productivity from your team.

  • Productivity is about helping your agents go to the next level in terms of their goals and skill set from where they started.
  • Training and coaching your agents creates accountability. You can help your agents set a goal but whether they are moving in the right direction or not is determined if you can hold your agents accountable.
  • Boosting productivity is as important as identifying a decline in productivity. Focusing on the basics when using technology to improve productivity. The key to growth is keeping the simplicity of the business.

Hiring, Coaching And Creating A Productive Team

A decline in productivity is a common setback in most real estate teams.

  • During the hiring process and coaching, it is important to keep your agents on a standard to ensure they are on track when it comes to their goals. The 5 core values of The Bernie Gallerani Team - coachable, team player, great attitude, driven, and consistent are what you should look for in your next hire.
  • Set a minimum standard on which both - the number of deals an agent receives and their conversion turnover of production should align.
  • Constant check-ins, accountability, and setting guidelines to focus on a fixed number of measurables keep a check on micromanagement and helps agents retain productivity.

Leveraging Technology

Using the right tech stack can help real estate teams grow their business exponentially. It greatly impacts agent productivity.

  • The Bernie Gallerani team uses Auctm for tracking essential agent performance metrics and leads. Over training, the team on tech can often prove to be detrimental. It is important to focus on simplifying things that people will understand easily.
  • Behavior and conversion metrics are two key metrics that indicate an increase or decrease in agent productivity.
  • Focus on working together and not as individuals. Production and growth is a mindset issue and with the right amount of determination you can make up what you lack at present.

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