Auctm Or Sisu? Not Another Product Comparison

When two products are mistaken to be similar, it can be tough to decide which tool is the best for your team. We'll help you.


A well-developed tech stack is a high leverage investment that holds a business together and streamlines the workflow.

And like every other business, brokerages also have a tech stack. The majority comprises a CRM, a transaction management system (some teams also use spreadsheets), reporting tools, and a marketing management system that can consist of website solutions, social media marketing solutions, and other lead generation portals.

What is often missing in this tech stack is a proper analytics solution suited to the broker team's needs when it comes to their team and business performance.

Auctm Or Sisu For Real Estate Teams - Not A Product Comparison

The title might suggest that we’re going to compare two tools that are often confused with being similar - Sisu and Auctm.

We want to debunk that myth for you. Sisu and Auctm serve very different needs for broker teams.

Barry Jenkins on using Auctm
Barry Jenkins on using Auctm and Sisu

Check out what Albert Vasquez, (Team Leader at AV Homes Experts) has to say, he uses both Auctm and Sisu.

Confused? Read more to find out.

Deciding Which Tool Is The Best For Your Team

If you’re expecting a battle card, you’ll be a tad bit disappointed here. Instead, we will share how teams use both Sisu & Auctm for different functions of their business.

Sisu is a sales engagement and transaction management platform for brokerages. It helps your team track all transactions in one place and doubles up as a project & document management tool, allowing you to manage and oversee transactions easily.

Auctm is an AI-powered analytics platform for broker teams to help them run their business better and improve revenue, conversions, profitability, and agent training. It automatically integrates with your CRM (Follow Up Boss & Chime) and transaction management tools (Sisu, Transactify, Brokermint, Open To Close, Spreadsheets, etc.) to help you-

  • Conduct impactful agent 1-1s and create personalized coaching tracks to improve agent performance and boost accountability
  • Increase conversions by smartly managing leads in your CRM and preventing important leads from falling through the cracks
  • Get better visibility and make faster decisions using actionable insights on your lead sources, agent performance, and business metrics
  • Focus on high-impact leads with AI-driven smart lead prioritization

In other words, Auctm brings incredible transparency, accountability, and faster decision-making to help you work on your business. Inman called Auctm the FitBit for your real estate business.

We work with several teams that use Sisu for transaction management and gamification, and Auctm for analytics to make better decisions around team & agent performance.

Here's what Eric Perez (Chief Operating Officer, The Figueroa Team) had to say about Sisu and Auctm.

Eric Perez (Chief Operation Officer, The Figueroa Team) on Sisu and Auctm for real estate

How Are Sisu And Auctm Different From Each Other

Let us look at what each product has to offer to under why they are not competitive tools.

Why Auctm and Sisu for real estate teams are not competitive tools

Final Verdict

While there are some overlaps in both the products, Sisu primarily focuses on transaction management, whereas Auctm focuses on agent coaching and lead management.

Access to the right data is synonymous with growth, and real estate businesses aren’t shy to adopt what’s best for their team and business performance.

Sisu is essentially a sales engagement, project management, and transaction management tool. It helps real estate agents, transaction coordinators, and brokers by acting as a repository of critical data and documentation for efficient management of real estate transactions.

Auctm supports brokers, team leaders, and managers by helping them analyze team & agent performance, identify bottlenecks in their pipeline, and coach agents better. It enables them to spend more time on high-impact activities instead of organizing and collecting data manually. Our team of experts integrate your systems, clean up your data, audit your process, train you on best practices that high-performing sales teams need to compete, and conduct analytics training sessions. The complete setup merely takes days to help you get started as soon as you hop on board.

Auctm’s lead management feature helps teams identify and alert agents on important leads that are slipping through the cracks to increase conversions.

Auctm users consider it a one-stop solution for decision-making as it reduces data fatigue and provides actionable insights. It makes analytics simple and easy to understand so that you can spend more time taking action.

Here's what Don Weimer (VP of Analytics & Technology, Robert Slack LLC - #2 Real Estate Team in the US) has to say about Sisu & Auctm.

Don Weimer on Auctm & Sisu
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