Auctm featured in Top 11 Real Estate Tech Products of 2020 by Inman

Auctm provides rich analytics to broker teams on sales activity, lead source ROI, agent performance, and more.

We’re thrilled to announce that the technology team at Inman, the go-to source for Real Estate news, reviewed Auctm and adjudged us as one of the Top 11 tech products that stood out in a year which was known for remarkable developments in Real Estate Technology.

Rebranded from SquadVoice, Auctm is an analytics platform helping real estate brokerages better leverage CRM data and leads with agent and pipeline analysis.”

Auctm’s rich analytics help brokers understand sources of revenue, predict coming profitability, and examine in-office productivity at the team and agent level.

The company aims to streamline real estate brokerages beyond simple lead ranking. It does so by allowing agents and teams to better understand where to point marketing spends and determine agents that need coaching for a certain aspect of their performance.

Auctm creates a single source of truth for CRM, transaction, marketing, and accounting data in one place combined with rich analytics. Its goal is to help brokers establish “hyper-efficiency” in their businesses.

The Web-based App offers in-depth analysis of sales activity, lead source ROI, and business and agent performance to help brokers coach teams and make more informed decisions about every lead.

Leading broker teams such as The Figueroa Team, Robert Slack Team, Proper Estates, and many others are using Auctm to boost sales and profitability.

Auctm is a great visual tool to conduct meaningful conversations with agents.  It cuts down so much time of having to double check if they're making their calls or if they're making movement in terms of their leads. User interface is clean and it’s easy to navigate as well. Overall, It’s great, even for a guy who does not enjoy going through data and analytics.” - Brian Kim, Proper Estates

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