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Auctm - The Most Advanced Analytics Platform for Modern Real Estate Teams

Auctm Updated: 1 min read
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The real estate industry witnessed a massive shift to technology and data-driven decisions in 2020. With Auctm, you can choose to conduct your business in a data-driven way with ease.

Featured in Inman’s Top 11 Real Estate Tech Products of 2020, Auctm has enabled top teams like those of Robert Slack and Veronica Figueroa to improve agent performance and predictably increase conversion rates.

With Auctm, you can-

  • Visualize Your Overall Deal Pipeline and GCI
  • Analyze each Agent’s Efforts and Deal Pipeline
  • Quickly Classify Agents based on Conversion Rates
  • Analyze how Your Team is Connecting with New Leads
  • Conduct Data-Driven 1-1 Meetings with Your Agents


As an early access offer, we're giving the product subscription free for the first 6 months ($2k in value), with just a one-time setup fee of $499 to cover training & onboarding.

Book a time that works for you and let’s have a quick chat about how Auctm can help your team.

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