Exciting New Features And Improved In-App Experience

We’re excited to announce the launch of new Auctm update, which offers a seamless navigation experience to help you dive-deep into the analytics that move the needle for your business. With this feature-packed new version, you can boost your team and agent performance like never before.

Auctm 2.0 New Features

Here’s What’s New-

Improved Navigation

  • We have improved in-product navigation based on user feedback.
  • Instead of scrolling through the page, now you can switch over the tabs and select what actions you want to perform on the product.
  • The entire product is divided into 2 tabs - ‘Activity and Deals’ and ‘Pipeline Analysis’.
  • In,  ‘Activity and Deals’ you get a high-level overview of your business performance and how much actual effort your agents are putting in following-up with  leads in terms of calls, texts, emails, and appointments.
  • In the 'Pipeline Analysis' section, you can see the overview of the sales pipeline and analyze your conversions.
  • Further, this section has a 'Conversions Tab' where you can see agents bucketed in segments based on their conversion rates.
  • Under ‘Analyze Initial Outreach’, you’ll be able to determine how well your agents are connecting with new leads.
  • You can also 'Inspect your pipeline health' and get an understanding of how leads are moving throughout the agent’s sales funnel.

Lead Inspector- New Feature

  • The reason behind releasing this feature was that a lot of users wanted to recreate the same set of leads on their CRM as they could see in Auctm.
  • Lead inspector helps you quickly see a set of leads that are behind any number (except deals) in the CRM.

Here’s how you can use this Feature-

  • Suppose you are conducting a 1-1. You can head over to the ‘Individual Agent’ snapshot, and see that there are 4 leads ‘untouched’ by the agent. Simply, click on this number and see details of these leads. You can share these with the agent and ask them to follow-up.
  • When you look at these unconnected leads you can see filters, ‘date’, ‘agent’, and ‘lead age’. These are filters that are present on the previous dashboard as well, providing easy reference.
  • If you click on any lead on the ‘Lead Inspector’ CRM, you will be redirected to the FUB Dashboard. Post this you can reassign the lead to a different agent or perform other actions.

Agent Clickability- New Functionality

  • If you click on any Agent’s name across the Auctm dashboard, you’ll be redirected to that particular agent’s 1:1 snapshot page.
  • You can open the 'Effort and Deals' table and check the detailed split between the calls/texts/emails for new/existing leads, then click right within the table on Agent’s name and get redirected to their snapshot page where you can filter new and old leads.

Push Notifications- New Functionality

  • We’ve launched push notifications to remind you to take quick actions such as schedule regular 1-1s, analyze weekly team progress on goals, ensuring that you don’t miss anything insightful.
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