5 Daily Rituals To Run Your Real Estate Business Better

These 5 daily and weekly rituals will help you run your real estate business better with Auctm.

Real estate teams generating the most use and ROI from Auctm are not necessarily spending a lot of time on it. Teams who use the product have found a rhythm for themselves, a set of rituals and habits they follow daily and weekly that helps them keep all their important metrics in check.

What if we tell you that you can boost your ROI exponentially just by spending an average of 15 minutes on Auctm daily?

Here are 5 high-impact rituals you can do through Auctm on a daily/weekly basis that will help you increase conversions and accountability.

Weekly Agent Groups and Lead Distribution

You have limited time, and you can’t spend the same amount of coaching time on every agent in your team.  Just like how you segment your leads into A-B-C lists and nurture them, you can do that with your agents as well.

Your A-team are the top performers, B-team are your middle-tier agents, and team C-Team are agents who need extra attention and coaching. Sometimes you’ll have a D team of new agents. It is crucial to figure out who your A, B, and C players are so they can be coached accordingly.

Your Team A agents do not require a lot of your attention since they are already doing well, whereas your B and C agents do. Even the slightest improvement in their performance can drastically increase your ROI.

Run Auctm’s efforts and deals section and conversion quadrant for the year-to-date and quickly figure out your A-B-C agents and segment them using our new Saved Filters feature to look at their specific metrics.

Once you’ve saved your Agent groups, focus on different tables with a filtered view for that team. It’ll help you see why your A team is more successful than others, and so on.

Effort and Deals Section
Effort and Deals Section

Auctm’s conversion quadrant will help you identify agents who need more coaching, additional leads, or where you need to redistribute leads in order to ensure a healthy pipeline and improve your team conversion rates.

Here is what Auctm's conversion quadrant looks like:

Conversion Quadrant to identify top performers
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Weekly Critical And Expensive lead Sources

The only way to improve conversion rates is to proactively identify pockets of opportunities for your expensive lead sources.

You can do this using Pipeline Analysis of that lead source. Checking this weekly to see how many leads you received, how many were connected, how many moved forward in the pipeline, is really important.

What you also need to see is that your ‘hot pipeline’ is seeing meaningful progress week over week. So filtering out ‘All Dates’ and inspecting all ‘Hot Leads’ under pipeline inspection for each agent is critical to do once a week.

For instance, if an agent has too many, or too few hot leads, you can step in and discuss their pipeline.

Pipeline Inspection by lead source
Agent Pipeline Graph

Agent Accountability And Pipeline Management For B & C Teams

Once you have set up your A, B, and C teams, it is important to track leading indicators in their performance, such as calls, appointments, and pipeline movement. This should happen once a week to drive results.

It’s like tracking your workouts - if you do them consistently, you’ll see results at the end of the month.

Select your agent group, say your B-team, and review their activities and pipeline for last week.

  • Check the effort for the group - leads worked, calls made, and appointments.
  • Check their pipeline - leads received, leads in nurture and hot stages

This way, you can see who had a good week and who didn’t; you can then coach accordingly.

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By looking at this for each agent segment A, B, and C one by one, you’re looking at agents that fall within the same performance group, and you’re comparing peers with each other.

Let’s see how your Efforts and Deals section will look like for Group C agents in Auctm:

Saved Filters Group C Agents
Saved Filters Group C Agents

Here is how you can run your pipeline analysis for Group B agents:

Saved Filters Group B Agents
Saved Filters Group B Agents

Daily / Weekly New Agents Performance

Creating a segment for new agents, checking their metrics daily, and notifying them about improvement areas can help drastically enhance their performance. This is important for teams that are recruiting a lot of agents. It is the same practice that you do with B & C groups as mentioned above; the only difference is that this will include your new agents.

New agents are in their initial stages of learning; rather than being more concerned about their deals, it is essential to look at their effort.

Analyzing metrics such as leads worked, calls, appointments, are they putting their stages correctly in their pipeline, are they making enough effort on each lead, etc., will help you drill down on their specific behaviors.

Daily Untouched And Unconnected Leads

Checking untouched and unconnected leads daily is an important ritual because you need to make sure that no leads are falling through the cracks.

While checking your unconnected and untouched leads, make sure you’re on pipeline analysis and that your newly created leads toggle is always on. This will help you look at all your fresh leads, who they were assigned to, and if any action was taken on them.

Here is where you can check your agent's initial outreach:

Initial Outreach Analysis

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All these rituals will take you less than 15 minutes if you have your

  • A B and C teams distinguished.
  • Your important lead sources picked out.
  • New agent names listed.
  • And finally, the Saved Filter’s segmentation set up for all of the above.

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